Services Overview


Cornerstone Consulting Inc. located in Calgary, Alberta Canada specializes in various architecture engagements to guide and supplement IT Architecture teams.

In a perfect world Cornerstone Consulting provides a transfer of SAP and Architecture knowledge to the client until the client is self-sufficient.

Providing services such as remote architecture services to fulfill architecture and project delivery demands.

Areas of expertise:

  • SAP Solution Architecture Projects & Consulting
  • Enterprise Architecture(EA) Projects & Consulting

With a hands-on delivery, consulting, coaching, and thought-leadership our intentions are to develop your internal teams’ competencies with:

  1. 25 years experience in IT Delivery and Support
  2. 20 years of SAP delivery and support experience
  3. 16 years of Enterprise Architecture experience

Cornerstone Consulting Inc. offers a broad set of knowledge and skills that will help your organization with:

As Avolution Abacus partners we utilize standard modeling practices through Avolution Enterprise Modeling Tools

For more information contact:

Darin Paton

Cornerstone Consulting Inc.

P: +1 403.472.7744




Specializing in EA, Strategic IT, & Enabling Technologies

SAP Certified EATOGAF Cert



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