2011 Talisman MDM Tool Assessment

Overview of the engagement (2011/2012):

Assisting in the assessment of a Master Data Management tool to determine whether or not the technology will meet the proposed business requirements.  This include developing the appropriate assessment requirements, scoring, and Proof of Concept expected results development.   Additionally, developing a set of proposed standard architecture models which support the required TOGAF core diagrams, catalogs, and matrices.

Overview of technologies:

January 2012

  • Participate in EIM Strategy Session
  • Coordinate Vendor Proof of Concept
  • Summarize PoC Survey results, documentation, & Present

December 2011

  • Attend Proof of Concept sessions
  • Review and acceptance of documentation

November 2011

  • Proof of Concept Documentation
  • Master Data Management Solution Architecture (Appraise Phase)
  • Proposed Architecture Models
  • Proof of Concept Test Conditions

October 2011

  • Functionality matrix of requirements
  • Solution Architecture Template & Suggested Architecture Models
  • Master Data Management(MDM) Solution Architecture
  • MDM Scoring & Ranking Matrix

September 2011

  • Documentation review and planning
  • MDM overview and requirements workshop
  • Functionality matrix of requirements


2 responses

8 01 2012
Wes Baird

Have you thought of using about using the up/down stream process classification framework from http://www.apqc.org/ ? Esp for the widget downloads. By using and then re-using these items: http://www.apqc.org/knowledge-base/documents/apqc-process-classification-framework-pcf-petroleum-upstream-pdf-version-51 & http://www.apqc.org/knowledge-base/documents/apqc-process-classification-framework-pcf-petroleum-downstream-pdf-version-

I think we have a better chance of moving ahead and not re-inventing, well you know the wheel.


8 01 2012
Darin Paton


Thank you for your comment and for the link. I believe you are referring to the planning matrix for the Oil & Gas. Yes, APQC is definitely a great source (and my preferred) source for process classifications. At the time I had created this matrix I was using a different source from a large service provider. As you probably know IBM, SAP, … have their own definitions of process maps. In this case I used SAPs business process maps which I personally know they use APQC as one of their sources.

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