SAP Solution Architecture

In typical solution architecture engagements, Cornerstone Consulting Inc., coordinates and participates in the delivery of the following holistic Solution Architecture components in the figure below.

SAP Solution Architecture

Areas of expertise:

  1. SAP Technologies – Having provided numerous years of SAP hands-on work, delivery, and SAP Architecture experience allows organizations to utilize the knowledge and experience to ensure successful designs and implementations.
  2. Solution Architecture – Providing end to end solution architecture whether executing, coaching, defining accelerators, and processes for your teams to develop high value cost effective solutions.
  3. Infrastructure – Through managing and designing SAP Landscapes, specific infrastructure architectures,  implementations and operations for data centers, servers, Business Continuity, security, databases, integration, e-mail, mobility, SAP landscapes, Vendor negotiations makes us an all round architecture provider.
  4. OperationsManaging and consulting operational teams to run an efficient Center of Excellence delivering service in accordance to SLAs via COBIT/ITIL frameworks
  5. Outsourcing Agreements – Managing outsourced agreements with over 10 years provide a knowledge to aid organizations in dealing with the challenge in receiving a balance in quality of service and continuous improvement
  6. Business Systems Support – Supporting the business with the appropriate resources is always a challenge not to mention managing system availability while providing the PMO with the required resources for new implementations.
  7. Business System Delivery – As part of the PMO there are many best practices that can be implemented in an organization. What is right for your organization? Too many processes will inhibit getting things done, not enough will cause a lack in quality, so doing just a enough to optimize the business value is key. We can help prioritize the business needs to qualify and focus IT delivery.

This is just a summary of the services we provide, so if you have any questions please reach out and ask. We would be more that happy to answer your questions.


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